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Choose a basic breakfast box & add extra items to make it just what you want, there's even Veggie & Vegan options too. Or you can do a 'Build Your Own' breakfast - you already know how that works! For a 'Build Your Own' simply select that box & click on each individual item(s) for your breakfast to add it to your box. Build your box how you like it - and it comes served piping hot with cutlery & sauces so you're good to go. Eat it straight from the dish or serve it up at home Farm Café style! *Please note your order is only confirmed once you see the order confirmation message and receive the email (check your spam folder!), make sure you check out properly*

Available from 10:15 to 14:30

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The Farm Cafe
Ashridge Manor Garden Centre
Forest Road, Wokingham RG40 5QY

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